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CSK Management, Inc was established in 1985 in an effort to bring personalized services to condominium, townhomes, and homeowner association management. We are the difference you are looking for in a management firm. Contact us to receive a proposal for our management services. We currently provide services to Montgomery County and Chester Counties.

For your managerial needs

CSK Management, Inc cares for our clients; we have a 24 hour emergency service. No matter when you call, you will always get in touch with a live person. There are no annoying machines. We believe in creating camaraderie with our customers so that they feel comfortable and know they can depend on us at all times. We tailor our own management to the communities they are managing.


Our technicians are careful and efficient workers. Once a work order is placed, we try to send out a technician as quickly as possible to assess and then fix the issue. Our maintenance crew is very knowledgeable, experienced, and personable.


Are you making changes to your unit or the surrounding area? You may need Executive Board permission. We have the necessary form you need to request permission to make your change. We also have forms for those who are looking to sell their unit. Last but not least, we have forms for work orders that you can fill out and email in to us and we will get right on that order for you.

If you are in the King of Prussia, Chester County or Montgomery County area and need a reliable management company for your condominiums or townhomes, please give us a call at (610) 337-3500 during normal business hours. If you are in the King of Prussia area and would like to stop by our office, we are located at 1012 W. 9th Avenue in Suite 10. 

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CSK Management, Inc. 

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